Did you stumble upon something you think would be a good fit for Design Zine, and want to submit it, then send an email to us with link to your work and a full description. If your project matches the Design Zine feel, we might publish it!

If you’d like to be featured, you can submit your work with the following:

  • Category in which you’d like to be featured;
  • Your full name;
  • A link to your website or portfolio
  • A description of the work you’d like us to feature or a press release;
  • High-resolution images of your work (at least 1920 x 1920 px).

Please make sure your submissions aren’t in violation of any copyright or non-disclosure agreement before sending them in!
We always try our best to attribute photographs, videos and quotes to original sources, but please let us know if anything needs to be changed, updated or removed.