The Rotio Compass

The Rotio Compass by David Cullimore

Introducing the Rotio Compass. The simplest and most intuitive design tool. The Rotio Compass is a minimalist design drawing compass with the most intuitive drawing experience. Designed to work with any pen or pencil of your choice, the Rotio Compass features an anodised aluminium body that rotates around a cartridge bearing.  

Whether you want a full circle or a partial curve, Rotio provides the ability to sketch naturally and may help you design in a totally new way. The compass consists of 4 parts, the main body, a center, a cartridge bearing and an o-ring. The holes are spaced at 5mm radius increments and has a circle range of 30mm to 140mm for the small size and to 30mm to 200mm for the large size.

Why the Rotio Compass is like no ordinary compass 

  1. Precise and considered design. We have worked hard to create an intuitive and efficient design tool that gives a completely new drawing experience. Simply place on the page, your finger on the centre and rotate with a pen.
  2. Designed to last. The body and centre are manufactured from recyclable materials,the machined aluminium compass is tough and robust. While the cartridge bearing at the centre allows for smooth and accurate arcs, curves and circles, the evenly spaced holes have been sized to accommodate a range of pens and pencils.
  3. Built to for control and accuracy. While other compasses can be hard to use, the Rotio Compass has a stable base for accurate and defined line work. With greater control over the pen, the Rotio Compass allows you to go over and vary the line weight for greater depth and contrast to your sketching. Compared to a traditional compass, drawing full circles using the Rotio Compass is much easier, particularly for younger users.
  4. Leave no mark. As the Rotio Compass has no sharp point, it grips the page using a concealed nitrile o-ring. There are no marks or unsightly damage on the page leaving your work pristine.
  5. Accurate line up. The hole in the center is so sized to make it easy to line up on specific points.

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