The Knack Abl Walking Cane

The Knack Abl Walking Cane

Today’s mobility aids come with a stigma. While canes are intended to serve as a trusty companion, providing stability and confidence, they are often considered an embarrassment.​

This stigma is perpetuated by the clinical look and feel of typical canes. Constructed from plastic and aluminum, combined with clanky adjustment features, canes are often cold and impersonal.

Knack looked to re-imagine today’s walking cane, our challenge was to design a product that someone would be proud to hold by their side.

To fight the stigma, Knack focused on improving the user’s experience with the cane, both physically and emotionally. Improved functionality and thoughtful aesthetics would come together to achieve this.

Aesthetically, Knack set out to create an authentic cane that compliments its user. This authenticity was created by designing the cane around a timeless form with genuine materials to give a personal feel.

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