Table planets – decorative plates by Roomformilk

Table planets
Table planets

The furniture we have in our homes play an important role in the movements of our daily lives. They influence how we move and interact with our surroundings and are there to enhance our lives. In the same way the ​PITCH A CURVE-COLLECTION​ can be a part of your daily narrative, there to support your everyday life.

These are sets of experimental table-wear which gets its name from the planetary orbit. This occasional table-wear can be used in a variety of ways. The gentle curved craters in the plate let the other plates rest easily in multiple positions. With its unique compositions, you can create your own planetary system. Thanks to advancing technologies, the material Hi-Macs is resistant to both moisture and bacteria and suitable for casual dining and decoration. The collection is composed from several elements; a base, a middle, and a mini container. All of these plates can be used separately.

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