Kerakoll Design House

Kerakoll Design House
Kerakoll Design House

Kerakoll Design House presents for the second year at Cersaie 2015 its own personal home concept that includes the interpretation of a New York City loft, this time in total white.

A space designed without the limits of traditional domestic architecture where the continuous surfaces becomes key of the furnishing; a fluid and flexible living space in which the various rooms are marked by the light colors of the Warm collection: from the living to the kitchen area, to the dining room, passing by the suite with bedroom and bathroom.

Elisa Ossino Studio was asked to recreate the contemporary interior that would express the concept of a NYC loft through a very special selection of iconic and international furniture pieces, objects and artworks.

Interior project by Elisa Ossino Studio with Lissoni Associati. Photograpy Tommaso Sartori.

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